Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Does anyone still watch this show? I'll rephrase the question. Does any hardcore West Wing Fan still watch this show with the same excitement of a new episode like in the first up to, yes , even the fourth season?
I'll quickly summarize my feelings for the show.

I started watching seriously during the second season after the episode NOEL. Fans of the show will recall this episode as one of the best for all the obvious and probably personal reasons. The episode gives me strength and I watch it when I need some. Anyway, I never saw much of the first season if any before the 1st DVD set. I was too busy watching Sopranos and watching them be nominated for award after award but losing to "The Wing". After NOEL I never looked back. The first season of this show I strongly recommend.

The show ran into writing problems in my opinion after Aaron Sorkin left ( the creator and basically everything fans loved about the show) Also, a fantastic character and the best on Rob Lowe's resume, Sam Seaborn exited the Wing due to some kind of contract dispute. It got a little weird during the same season when the President's daughter was kidnapped and he stepped down sighting personal anguish and a disruption in clear, logical problem solving capability. This bringing a republican president in his place played by a competant John Goodman. Anyway , the fourth season did have many strengths and I was still hooked but Sorkin was gone after that for good. Fiftth season was ..well....not the worst thing on TV but check out and read the postings during that season. We didn't know what hit us. It was just different. The writing was just not that strong. But on it went..............

Now, this season, for me was off to a slow start and I'm not sure I'm fully on board. But I appreciate what the writers are now faced with , what they are doing with the characters, and since I still care about what happens to the show I still tune in. I want this show to end strong for ME! I can't see it pulling the weight it did two or Three seasons ago. Even season three had episodes that had the "NOEL" impact. Four, Five and this one have not left an impact on me too much. However I am holding out hope that the writers love this show as much as I did and work to regain the Sorkin feel of the show the best they can until the end of the seventh season.The show will then likely bow out with a new president ( and a spin off?). Good luck Mr. Well's. I'm still watching.............

more to come.............


Blogger Mark said...

Interesting post, Steve. I watched a few consecutive episodes of the West Wing a few years back and although I enjoyed them I didn't keep watching regularly. Perhaps I should get a hold of Season One and start from scratch. I am interested to see, though, if Jimmy Smits' character will become president, seeing as he starred in my favourite show, NYPD Blue, during it's second season.

January 27, 2005 at 10:23 AM  

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